Commerical Building Services

Craig Miller Builders has established a reputation for quality commercial building and renovation.  We've earned a reputation for keeping construction costs under control by building on target, on time and most importantly, on budget.

bankOften, as-built drawings for a given building are not current, or simply do not exist. More often than not, contractors are asked to prepare a quotation from little more than a “napkin sketch” and a “wish list." Consequently, obtaining competitive quotes that are QUALIFIED can be difficult, if even possible at all.

Fortunately, there are general contractors whose project experience includes Design/Build projects. In addition to the proposed scope of work, Craig Miller Builders looks beyond the obvious and will survey the proposed building for:

• Functionality and Overall Operational Status
• Handicap Accessibility
• Code Compliance
• Title-24
• Typical Fire Department Requirements

Having these items included in the scope of the project from the beginning, as well as having a thorough working knowledge of our local jurisdictions, will save time, and ultimately money, as move-in dates can be kept and the customer can be assured that their building is move-in ready when it’s time to move in.  Contact Us today for help with your next Commercial Building project.


Craig Miller Builders in the News

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Look here for Craig Miller Builders in local news and magazines.  This is a house we built in Castine overlooking one of the beautiful bays.


Craig did an outstanding job. The workmanship was great. Craig is a person of his word. He provided everything the contract called for and more.

Nancy S., Osprey, Florida and Surry, Maine

Craig is a true professional and always prepared to take on the most challenging aspects of the project.

Dick and Wanda M., Maine

Craig's crew always consists of very able, personable workers, and he has the same expectation of any subcontractors he retains. The quality of the work is extraordinarily high.

George and Gene B., Castine, Maine

Craig Miller is a good choice for you and we would definitely use him again on our next house!

Len and Shelley C., Hampden, Maine

Craig's sub-contractors and employees are craftsman and take pride in their work. Craig is a proud man and his reputation means everything to him.

Dennis and Vicki P., Surry, Maine

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