Looking for someone to build your client the home that they have been dreaming of their whole lives?  Need someone with over 3 decades of experience engineering, developing and building some of the Greater Bangor, Maine and Coastal areas finest homes?  Craig Miller Builders can help you develop a great plan & get your clients on the way to living in the best home possible.

Craig Miller Builders of Bangor, Maine is able to work with you, the architect, through the entire process of creating the home that your client has always wanted.

1. Schematic Design: Rough sketches are prepared. These show a conceptual approach to your design, arrangement of rooms, and organization of the site. This frequently includes floor plans, elevations and building sections and may also include a 3-dimensional view or a rough model. These documents may go through one or more revisions, or we proceed to the next phase.

2. Design Development: Development of the approved conceptual drawings that will be more accurate and refined, and generally show more detail and specifics of the proposed design. Outline specifications may be developed listing major materials and room finishes.

3. Construction Documents: Detailed drawings and specifications that a builder will use to establish construction costs, obtain permits and build the project. Depending on how we agree for the builder to be hired, he/she may be involved in reviewing these documents early on and projecting costs.

4. Construction: Craig Miller Builder builds. The builder is responsible for construction methods, techniques, schedules and procedures.